Blackberry Gin Jam

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Experience Artisanal Excellence with Our Blackberry Gin Jam

Treat yourself to the sumptuous blend of sweet and sophisticated flavours in our Blackberry Gin Jam. Masterfully crafted in small batches, each jar is a celebration of freshly picked blackberries steeped and infused with our award-winning gin. The handcrafted process captures the natural sweetness of the berries, beautifully balanced by the nuanced undertones of juniper from the gin.

Ideal for a delightful twist to your teatime, add a generous dollop of this unique jam onto warm scones, fluffy pancakes, or buttery croissants, transforming an everyday meal into an indulgent delight. For cocktail enthusiasts, a tablespoon of our jam enriches your favourite G&T, introducing a berry-gin twist that will tantalise your taste buds.

Product Specifications:

  • Net Weight: 350g
  • Artisanal Small Batch Production
  • Free from Additives and Preservatives

The absence of additives and preservatives in our jam is a testament to our dedication to health and well-being. The purity of ingredients allows for an unadulterated, authentic flavour experience. With our Blackberry Gin Jam, you're not just spreading a jam - you're spreading an artisanal culinary experience.

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