Where alchemy and science meet

Life at the Distillery began with Charlotte and Molly. Charlotte affectionately nicknamed “Shark”, is an American designed stainless steel column pot still with intricately designed copper distillation plates and has 200-litre capacity. Molly, is a much smaller version of Charlotte, with a 50-litre capacity, and is the “kitchen”. Molly is mostly used for the creation of all of our recipes and we often test experimental spirits with her.
Charlotte, 200l Column Still, Time Anchor Distillery
After four years of single handedly distilling all of our spirits, Charlotte gained a big sister, Emmeline.
Emmeline was handcrafted at the Kothe Destillationstechnik workshop in Germany and was the first of her kind commissioned in South Africa.
It took nearly a year to build Emmeline, and she is made from both copper and stainless steel. Apart from the visual appeal, copper plays an essential role in the gin-making process, by reacting with the gin during distillation, removing impurities from the base spirit and botanicals.
Emmeline was made specially for a variety of our spirits, and has a 500 litre capacity, an elongated whiskey helmet, specially built distillation column (that further refines the spirit) and a botanical basket, used for vapour infusion in the making of our Gins.