Cocktail Masterclass at Time Anchor Distillery:
Create Magic with Mirari Gin

Ready to impress your friends with amazing cocktails? Join our Cocktail Masterclass at Time Anchor Distillery and walk away with skills you can use at home – no experience necessary! Select "Book Now" from the available dates below:

15 June - Cocktail Masterclass - Book Now
6 July - Cocktail Masterclass - Book Now
20 July - Cocktail Masterclass - Book Now



What You’ll Enjoy:
Distillery Tour: Get an insider’s look at our distillery and discover the magic
behind Mirari Gin.
Perfect G+T: Learn to make the perfect Gin and Tonic and enjoy your creation.
Cocktail Demo: Watch and learn as we demonstrate three crowd-pleasing Mirari Gin cocktails.
Hands-On Fun: Pick your favorite two cocktails to make and enjoy under expert guidance.

Class Details:
Duration: 2 hours of fun and learning.
Venue: Time Anchor Distillery, Kramerville.

1 Gin and Tonic
2 Cocktails of your choice
Cash bar for extra drinks and snacks.
    Don’t miss out!
    Book your spot now and become a cocktail master with Mirari Gin!