The Art of Garnishing: Enhancing Your Mirari Gin Experience

The Art of Garnishing: Enhancing Your Mirari Gin Experience

As gin alchemists and devoted distillers, we've developed a keen sense for the delicate dance between our artisanal gins and the perfect garnishes that elevate their intricate botanical flavours. We believe that every gin tells a unique story, and garnishes play a supporting role in revealing these captivating tales.

Let us take you on a flavour journey with our handcrafted gins, guiding you through our preferred garnishes that unlock a symphony of tastes. Feel free to delve into these pairings, creating your own combinations to find your personal favourite.

Mirari Blue Orient Spiced Gin: Dive into a symphony of flavours with a fresh sprig of basil partnered with a vanilla pod. This duo lends a unique, herbaceous sweetness that balances perfectly with the spicy notes of the gin. For a berry-infused delight, try adding blueberries and a sprig of thyme. Looking for a bit of zest? Enhance the citrus notes of the gin with a spiral of lemon zest - it's a true showstopper.If you enjoy a warming touch on cooler nights, try pairing a thin slice of ginger with a few pink peppercorns. Or try a twist of orange peel and a couple of green cardamom pods; this pairing offers a bright, citrusy-spicy fusion that enhances the complex layers of our Blue Orient Spiced Gin.

Mirari Pink Damask Rose Gin: Experience a garden-fresh sip with our Pink Damask Rose Gin. For an intriguing herbaceous note, try adding a sprig of rosemary and pink peppercorns. Combine it with a grapefruit wedge for a citrus burst, or experiment with the refreshing crunch of pomegranate seeds and cucumber ribbons. For a summery touch, a mix of strawberries, black peppercorns, and mint truly makes the floral notes pop. Venture further and garnish your gin with edible flowers for a delicate essence, or a twist of lime peel for a fresh lift. Lastly, if you're feeling adventurous, garnish with lychee and fresh basil for an exotic twist

Mirari Amber African Botanics Gin: Celebrate the South African roots and rich fynbos profile of our Amber African Botanics Gin with an array of complementary garnishes. Begin your journey with a twist of orange and a sprig of rosemary that resonate with the gin's robust botanicals. For a sweet and herbaceous touch, consider a pairing of ripe figs and thyme, adding depth to the complex gin base. For a refreshing zest that enhances the gin's brightness, garnish with a wedge of lime and a cucumber ribbon. If you prefer a balance of sweet and spicy, succulent blackberries and a fragrant cinnamon quill make a harmonious pairing. To explore the tropical side of our gin, garnish with ripe granadilla and a squeeze of fresh lime. Lastly, to invigorate your gin and tonic, a sprig of fresh mint and a slice of apple offer a crisp and fresh finishing touch.

Mirari 23ct Gold Celebration Gin: Embark on a celebration of flavours with our Mirari 23ct Gold Celebration Gin. Elevate your gin experience with luscious peach wedges and aromatic lemon thyme, introducing a delicate sweetness that pairs beautifully with our gin. Venture into the unique with rhubarb ribbons paired with rosemary, adding a tangy and aromatic twist. The warmth of star anise combined with a bright citrus wheel creates a complex harmony of flavours, enhancing the natural botanicals in the gin. For a festive flair, try the trio of an orange wedge, a cinnamon quill, and a mint sprig. To heighten the celebration, consider garnishes like fresh raspberry and basil or a delicate pairing of fresh pear slices and a hint of vanilla bean.

Mirari Wild Blossom Gin: Delve into an enchanting botanical journey with our Mirari Wild Blossom Gin. Enhance the floral richness with crisp apple slices paired with aromatic lavender sprigs, or venture into the exotic with dragon fruit and fresh basil. For a burst of fruity freshness, add blackberries and a sprig of mint. For a subtler floral touch add violet petals and an orange zest. For a vibrant twist, pair fresh lime zest slices with blueberries.

Mirari Exotic Citrus Gin: Embark on a refreshing adventure with Mirari Exotic Citrus Gin. Emphasise the refreshing citrus notes with the classic pairing of succulent orange wheels and aromatic fresh basil, or introduce a punch of tartness with a grapefruit twist accompanied by a sprig of fresh mint. To infuse a burst of summer sweetness, combine ripe strawberries with a sprig of thyme. Add a thin slice of white peach and a cinnamon stick, offering a delicate and juicy sweetness with warm, aromatic spice. For a unique combination, pair ripe mango slices and a dusting of chilli flakes, bringing out the exotic character of the gin.

Begin by exploring the remarkable flavours of your favourite gin with a single garnish, allowing it to shine and express its unique qualities. Once you have established a foundation, you can add up to three garnishes to enhance the delightful taste of the gin without overpowering it. Remember, gin is a canvas for creativity, so don't hesitate to experiment with different garnishes and combinations to discover the flavour profiles that truly ignite your palate. Let your imagination guide you in the exploration of flavours and enjoy the exciting journey of discovering your perfect gin garnish.

Cheers to the art of gin craftsmanship and the joy of personalised creations!

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