Mirari Gin - Art Meets Alchemy

Swirl and savour a sensuous substance of chemistry and artistry.

Distilled with passion and dedication in small batches by spirit-loving artisans, Mirari is a crafted alchemy creation bearing the trusted Time Anchor stamp of approval. Each and every one of our bottles bear a hand-written batch number as a testament to each bottle’s hand-crafted conception. There is no automation in our entire gin production process. 

“We are not just a gin brand, we are 100% authentic distillers and gin masters.”

Mirari is our labour of love. A return to the art and authentic craft of being hands-on in every step of the gin-creation process. We pour meticulous precision into our traditional distilling methods, which we infuse with modern innovation. It takes approximately four weeks to handcraft a bottle of our gin, which attests to our unwavering dedication to creating an authentic craft spirit.

Botanicals are core to the uniqueness of Mirari, so we put great efforts into ethically-sourcing the best berries, spices, herbs and fruits from across the globe. We pride ourselves on the crafted artistry of our meticulous gin-creation process, performing each step precisely and perfectly by hand, from the sourcing of botanicals, to distillation, to blending, bottling and packaging.


Our gins are 100% natural - no artificial flavourants, colourants or preservatives.


All of our gins are distilled in small batches at our own distillery, avoiding a common industry practice of purchasing pre-made spirits.

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