Whats in a Name?

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
Names are as important to us here at the distillery as the spirits that we make. Sometimes, we know what we are going to name something in seconds, sometimes it takes months! We often get asked what the names of our company, stills and products mean, so here it is!
Time Anchor Distillery
TIME: Our distillery’s most distinctive quality is the amount of time we invest in the meticulous process we embark upon to perfect our products, we take no shortcuts and make no compromises.
ANCHOR: Our distillery is an anchor in the community, playing its role in the rejuvenation and upliftment of the inner city, as well as the empowerment of local people in the community through job creation.
DISTILLERY: This part of the name is pretty self explanatory.
Mirari Gin
MIRARI: Mirari means “marvel” or “wonder”, and that’s the exact reaction we strive to elicit with Mirari Gin’s signature element of mystery, with its enticing infusions of botanicals. The result? A bottle that’s as awe-inspiringly beautiful to behold as the indulgent flavours enclosed within it.
Our Stills
EMMELINE: Our meticulously hand-crafted German still, Emmeline, aptly has a name derived from Old German 'amal' meaning labour, industrious and hard-working. Without our productive Emmeline, there would be no gin!
MOLLY: Our "kitchen", a rather small 50 litre still, where we create and refine all of our recipes, was named for her diminutive size. Although she is often dwarfed by Emmeline, she really is the starting point of each of our creations.

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